Diego Kuonen

Prof. Dr. Diego Kuonen, Statoo Consulting
Prof. Dr. Diego Kuonen, PhD in Statistics and CStat PStat CSci, is founder, CEO and CAO of Statoo Consulting, Switzerland (http://www.statoo.com). He has extensive experience in applying big data analytics and data mining (data science) within large and small companies in Switzerland and throughout Europe. Statoo Consulting was founded in 2001 and is a software-vendor independent Swiss consulting firm specialised in statistical consulting and training, data analysis, data mining (data science) and big data analytics services. In addition, he is also Adjunct Professor of Data Science at the Geneva School of Economics and Management of the University of Geneva, Switzerland. Further information are available at http://about.me/DiegoKuonen .

There is no question that big data have hit the business, government and scientific sectors, as well as biopharma and regulated industries. The demand for skills in data science is unprecedented in sectors where value, competitiveness and efficiency are driven by data. However, there is plenty of misleading hype around the terms "big data" and "data science". This presentation gives an introductory overview of these terms for biopharma and regulated industries, illustrates the connection between data science and statistics, and highlights some challenges, opportunities, principles for success and trends.