About StatSoft

StatSoft is a specialized consultancy and solutions provider in the field of data science, advanced analytics, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI).

We assist our customers with the identification, the planning, and the execution of projects, the implementation of analytics-solutions including education of their teams.
With this 360°-service we generate enduring competitive advantages, value, and knowledge through analytics.

Our experienced team has been successfully implementing customer projects for many years. In those projects we deeply value a cooperative partnership with our customers.


Our solutions cover enterprise requirements such as user management, audit-trails, versioning, stages, and documentation. They can also be adapted and extended easily.

Analytics and reporting as ‘validated applications’ as they are required in the LifeScience- and in Finance-industry are one of our specialities.

To realize our projects and to provide solutions we use a wide range of software products like software from TIBCO® or R and Python.

Our customers can be found in the Pharma or Biotech-industry, in  manufacturing, in finance, but as well in other sectors where our expertise and solutions are required.