Using Statistica to analyse scientific surveys

Using Statistica for quick scientific surveys

The Statistica tool box provides a wide range of analysis and automation options for scientific surveys. Evaluation sheets can easily be read in different file formats and can be illustrated as data tables. Descriptive analysis provides a quick overview of the distribution of data. You can then use a transformation node to weight the missed target distributions, for example, so that the desired target distribution of the data is available.

The data can also be broken down into different thematic blocks and thus can be specifically analysed, e.g. on purely demographic or political issues. In a user-friendly way the inductive statistics can be integrated by means of a significance test node. This can be used, among other things, to test different distributions / mean values for equality. Of course, all analyses can be visualized clearly.

Machine learning methods can also be trained and applied. This makes it possible, for example, to model forecasts of changes in the coming survey waves. With the help of a cluster analysis, it is also possible to systematically divide the results into different peer groups, e.g. to divide the results into meaningful segments.

The analysis results can finally be generated and distributed with TIBCO Statistica in an automated report.