Product Life Cycle System helps to fight COVID-19

Our sister-company StatSoft Polska launched today an initiative to help companies that work on products supporting Corona virus treatments.

Currently, there are many companies in life-science working intensely on vaccinations and preparations to support Corona virus treatment. All work is performed under an immense pressure of time and social expectations. 

Due to the fact that our colleagues have software to optimise the process of preparing new medicinal products, they feel obliged to support our clients and thus involved in the struggle against the Corona virus.

Companies which are working on vaccines or drugs to cure COVID-19 are offered a possibility to use their Product Life Cycle System platform for 12 months for free. What will be charged is the support of their expertise.

In practice, the use of their software means: 

  • Shortening the process to go to market with new products
  • Improvement of R&D works 
  • Simplification of the product registration process

For further information: StatSoft Polska.

Your contact person:

Adam Cioc 
Telephone +48 663 888 945