With data virtualization, you can efficiently get the analytic data you need.

New partnership with Connected Data Group.

The Connected Data Group from the Netherlands has years of experience in modeling techniques for data warehouses. The company is a leading expert in data virtualization in Europe.

"We are looking forward to the new partnership with Connected Data Group. In the future, we will bring together efficient and resource-efficient data preparation and advanced analysis tools. Our customers will thus have access to a new standard in the data management of analysis projects. That's why they can focus on intelligent analysis, "explains Andreas Dahm-Griess, Sales Director at StatSoft.

The Connected Data Group brings to the partnership a lot of know-how in the implementation of data virtualization projects. With TIBCO® Data Virtualization software, a variety of different data sources - from big data to real-time - can be virtually combined and published in a logical data warehouse. Thus, the independence of the technical infrastructure / IT platform can be implemented innovatively and the copy and management of data sources is a thing of the past. The following additional advantages for the successful realization of data analysis projects can be demonstrated with data virtualization:

  •  Less erroneous data and better data organization,
  •  higher access speeds,
  •  increased governance and reduced time for development and quality management and
  •  total cost savings.

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