About us

StatSoft offers its customers full data analysis service. For over 30 years StatSoft's experienced experts have been ensuring that solutions are successfully implemented, and customer projects are efficiently realized.

More than 1 million users worldwide from a wide variety of industries rely on Statistica for their statistical and graphical data analysis. Statistica focuses on advanced analytics. These are methods used to identify hidden trends, patterns and correlations from data. 

Procedures, such as Big Data Analytics, Business Analytics and Predictive Analytics as part of Advanced Analytics are now more relevant than ever.

StatSoft is the world's largest Statistica reseller. StatSoft's customers can be found in the pharmaceutical industry, the life science sector, the manufacturing industry, banks, insurance companies and other service providers. The areas of application are correspondingly diverse. Statistica is used for production monitoring and optimization as well as in marketing and customer management. StatSoft's customers include large companies as well as many medium-sized companies.