TIBCO Spotfire in Manufacturing – SPC vs MSPC vs ML

Monitoring complex manufacturing processes can be simplified by using the appropriate methods. It leads to simplified visualizations and the capability to understand relationships among process variables.

TIBCO Spotfire is a powerful data visualization and analytics tool, that enables you to rapidly build and deploy analytical solutions and use these in your team.

In this webinar we demonstrate an application built in TIBCO Spotfire® that enables exploration and understanding of analytical results. We provide an overview of Spotfire's capabilities, a brief positioning of SPC, MSPC, ML and how to tackle a project like this.


Tuesday, June, 14th 11:00 –12:00 CET

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Eszter Kovacs
Senior Solutions Engineer at TIBCO Software Inc.

Nick Verstegen
Lead Data Scientist at StatSoft (Europe) GmbH


  1. TIBCO & StatSoft Partnership
  2. Spotfire® Overview
  3. SPC vs MSPC vs ML
  4. The Project
  5. The Application
  6. Conclusion

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Tuesday, June, 14th 11:00 –12:00

Webinar Glossary

SPC = Statistical Process Control

MSPC = Multivariate Statistical Process Control

TMPCA = Time-wise multi-way principal component analysis

ML = Machine Learning

MVA = Multivariate Analysis

PCA = Principal Component Analysis

PLS = Partial Least Squares