Education / Science

Statistica is an affordable, flexible software solution for statistical data analysis and data mining. It can be used universally - for example in social, psychological, economic, natural and engineering sciences as well as in medicine. Due to a modular licensing model (Statistica Ultimate Academic Bundle) for students, individual user groups or the entire university, you can use Statistica individually tailored to your needs.

Big Data

With StatSoft's big data solutions, you can build your own big data platform to leverage existing data archives and IT infrastructure. Connection to specific technologies is not necessary. You get open solutions that know no boundaries with regard to existing and developing user requirements and deployment scenarios.

Open Source

Using Statistica, you can integrate a variety of other analytical platforms into your analyses. The R and Python programming languages are most commonly used for integration. Both are available under open source licenses.

Text Mining

In analyses of structured data, in which certain variables are specifically measured, your view is limited to the known and the expected. Text mining helps you find answers from information that is only available in unstructured format. This enables you to recognize relationships that have not yet been known or expected.