Finance / Insurance

StatSoft offers modern techniques and algorithms for the finance and insurance industry. This allows you to easily develop scoring models, among other things, and to use them in productive operation. The portfolio also includes advanced analysis tools for creating models to better understand customer behaviour. On the basis of customer segmentation and predictive analytics, you can make well-founded, important business decisions. For example, some of the world's largest and most successful companies in industry rely on Statistica for their credit checks.

Credit Scoring

Due to modern techniques and algorithms, Statistica makes it easy to develop scoring models and use them in productive operation. A wide range of statistical methods enables you to perform simulation calculations to quantify possible damage levels. You can use data mining methods to identify operational risks in advance. Some of the world's largest and most successful financial institutions rely on Statistica for their credit checks. In this way, they increase the profitability of their customers while minimizing financial risks.

Churn Analysis

Statistica's analytical capabilities provide accurate predictions of customer behaviour and trends. You can identify key customer segments with different requirements, increase the profitability of marketing campaigns and improve customer communication and loyalty. In this way you will be able to retain customers in your company for the long term in the future.


Fraud detection

StatSoft offers you proven predictive analytics for fraud detection, which identifies the decisive anomalies and characteristics of damage reports. In the case of new insurance claims, you can display suspicious facts in real time.

Use Case: TIBCO Statistica™ as Unified Data Science Platform

How can a platform like TIBCO Statistica™ help to unify data science processes and make them more agile? An example from our customer Credendo gives insights.

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