Globalization makes it necessary to take advantage of any competitive advantage. With the additional pressure resulting from government and industry-specific regulations, the timely detection and resolution of quality problems is becoming an integral part of strategies to optimize profit margins. Managers who monitor the quality and consistency of your products and services in real time have generated such a competitive advantage. By means of Statistica's “Monitoring & Alerting Server” for continuous monitoring using quality control charts, deviations can be detected and corrected more quickly. Quality control charts also make it easier to identify process optimization options.

Quality monitoring and process optimization

Statistica enables the effective monitoring of an almost unlimited number of process characteristics. For monitoring, classical standard quality control charts (X-quer & R, single observations & MR, EWMA, Np, P, C, U etc.) and multivariate analysis methods can be used. Using the "Monitoring & Alerting Server" you always keep an eye on the quality of your products.


Six Sigma

Statistica is an analytical software platform for Six Sigma projects of any size. Six Sigma particularly emphasizes the focus on measuring and analysing. The use of a comprehensive statistical analysis software system is therefore recommended.

Predictive Maintenance

Physical maintenance can lead to costly interruptions in the manufacturing process. By means of predictive analytics, repair and maintenance can be scheduled based on real-time predicted failure probabilities.

Comparison of the effect of formulations and hair colorations

Anwenderbericht - Henkel

For sophisticated analyses, Henkel relies on Statistica to evaluate difficult data sets quickly and easily.

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