Marketing / Market research

In supermarkets, diapers and beer are bought disproportionately often together. A closer look reveals that young fathers in particular are responsible for this pattern. Understanding the structure and strength of such relationships provides valuable information – for example, to identify buying recommendations. Use this as a basis for cross-selling and up-selling offers or to develop coupon offers. Use Statistica to improve target group marketing and optimize customer profiles, cross-selling and up-selling, marketing strategies and logistics.


Multivariate Driver Analysis

Statistica offers a comprehensive portfolio of statistical tools for the analysis of drivers with and without linear correlation.  Furthermore, Statistica provides you with a variety of automation options with which you can carry out analyses as well as graphical visualization and reporting.

Missing Data Handling

The existence of missing data is very typical for industry, i.e. there is usually a large amount of missing data. Therefore, it is better to get an overview of the distribution of the missing data and to assess how you will deal with the missing data before performing a bivariate or multivariate analysis.


Customer Insights

You use Statistica to identify different customer groups. Which customers, for example, are open to new products and react positively to discount offers? Which group prefers certain product categories and is particularly loyal to your company? What is the ROI of my marketing campaigns? 


Web Analytics

Using Web Analytics you control the success of websites and analyse user data. Statistica offers a broad portfolio of predictive analytics methods for the analysis of your data. Specialized procedures, such as channel attribution, click-stream analyses, user profiling and customer journey analyses can also be carried out and automated.


Improved response rates and budget savings

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