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Case Study CSL Behring

As announced some days ago we are proud to present a "case study" with CLS Behring that shows an analytics platform implementation in pharma that is used by many (automated and self-service analytics), allows to create validated applications (APR, PQR, etc.), can me managed centrally (apps, users, access, version control, audit trail etc.), has no limits related to analytics/data science including ML, AI and open source (R- and Python-integration).

Key to the successful implementation is a combination of the cooperation with CSL Behring and the technology that allows such a thing. And it is not finished, we are adding analytics, reports, new technology where it makes sense.

Users likeit because it makes their business day easier and more interesting.

Validation likes it because all reporting processes including electronic approval are understandable and paperless.

IT likes it because they can handle with one technology platform many applications.

Data Scientists like it because many users do use their pre-prepared analytics and because they can add whatever method is used.

Management likes it because they get understandable results based on an understandable analytics process.

The company likes it because digitalisation based on data is generating value in know-how and efficiency.

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