Hardly any company today can (and wants to) afford not to use the data volumes generated in the course of digitization. This begins with simple reporting, continues with complex analyses for predicting the behaviour of customers or devices, and ends with the implementation of data-driven decisions in operational systems. But not every company has the appropriate know-how.
StatSoft provides support in all steps of your analytical projects: From the selection of suitable data, the use of suitable methods for statistics, data mining, predictive analytics and quality assurance to the implementation of automated solutions.

In workshops we put your employees on the right track in the statistical analysis of your data. The contents are agreed with you personally. For more specific questions, we are at your side with individual consulting services. Gladly we carry out also for you the entire analysis project from the data preparation up to the result presentation.

Below you will find examples of selected projects from various industries giving you an idea of the range of our consulting services.


Statistica can be used immediately due to its ease of use. But individual requirements necessitate individual solutions.

Therefore, we offer a lean implementation service at your site: Typically, in just two days, we set up a complete enterprise solution. For example, we create database accesses and analyses, create the first users and provide you with the necessary administrator know-how.

Data Innovation Strategy

Our approach

With a Data Innovation Strategy, you continuously improve the timeliness and level of detail of the existing database. Complementary analysis methods increase quality, contribute to the cost efficiency of data analysis and at the same time reduce your overall analysis effort. It goes without saying that we take into account important regulations on data protection, data security and data governance when we implement your data innovation strategy.

Our philosophy

StatSoft has been implementing data innovation projects and introducing analytical platforms for many years. The data mining project method CRISP-DM provides the basis for our data innovation projects. The method describes the six project phases: business understanding (1), data understanding (2), data preparation (3), modeling (4), evaluation (5) and deployment (6).

Our project cases:

Selection and modeling of EU-GDPR-compliant data in customer communication

Predictive Analytics in customer loyalty

Predictive model for automated measure controlling


For your analyses, we provide support with Statistica product courses and software-independent method courses in our training facilities in Hamburg.

We are also happy to offer you individual appointments on special topics or an exclusive standard training on your desired date.

In our online seminars, we also inform you briefly and compactly about current trends in data analysis and innovations in Statistica. 

Our trainings are given in german. On request we offer trainings in english.