Strategic Advice

To maximize the benefit derived from your data science activities, an effective data strategy is required.

As a first step, we take a systematic look at your data and try to find answers to the following questions:

  • How can more insights be gained from your existing data?
  • How can your data be collected, stored, processed and analysed more efficiently?
  • What technologies, systems and capabilities are available or required?
  • What analytical methods should be used?

Building on this foundation, we jointly formulate your data strategy, assess and suggest the best software and infrastructure (Data Science Tool Stack) and advise you in the use of the most appropriate analytical methods.

Project Identification

During the Project Identification phase, we will uncover the potential uses of your data and lay out steps to transform the raw data into a usable form (Data Audit). We then jointly develop ideas about where best to apply analytical methodologies (Data Ideation). Finally, we select specific use cases that will form future projects (Use Case Identification).

Project Delivery

We can assist you with the implementation of Data Science projects in a number of ways:

  • Project management
  • Studies to prove the feasibility of certain approaches (Proof of Concept)
  • Development of working prototypes (Use Case Prototyping)
  • Implementation of complete systems (System Implementation)
  • Direct involvement of our personnel in your projects
  • Validation

This way, with our support, for example,

  • data processing workflows are created (Data Handling),
  • predictive models are developed and tuned (Modelling),
  • statistical models integrated into business processes (Deployment),
  • data visualisations customized,
  • analyses and reports automated,
  • user-specific frontends designed or
  • real-time process monitoring brought into operation.

All delivered with comprehensive  documentation and ready to be used in a validated environment.


Know-How Transfer

Not only do we want to support you with our expert team, but also to enable you to uncover the potential of your data yourself.

For this reason, we offer both standardized and customer-specific training in the areas of data science, statistics and use of software. We offer courses aimed at beginners, experienced users, and management.

Software Related Services

For the software delivered by us, we support you with expert First-Level-Support.

This consists of:

  • Software installation and integration into existing environments
  • Migration of legacy analytical systems
  • Individual customization of the system
  • Maintenance of the software components