R and Python

R and Python are excellent solutions for a wide range of statistical, analytical, and technical tasks.
Both are available under open-source licenses, are supported by a huge community and are improving rapidly.


Use Cases

R and Python cover a wide range of applications.

That makes it possible to for example,

  • calculate specific statistics,
  • create data visualizations,
  • to generate forecast models,
  • data-driven optimization
  • and much more

In many cases a wide range of algorithms is available to build a solution. In many cases that includes the most recent developments from the scientific community which are often not yet available in other platforms.

Our services

We support you with all aspects regarding the use of R and Python – from selecting the right environment, over training your employees to developing new solutions tailored to your needs.


A solution ready for use in R or Python can be

  • a script or
  • an application (App) with its own user interface
  • in a desktop or server environment
  • for individual or many users
  • on-premise or in cloud or
  • integrated in another application like TIBCO Statistica or TIBCO Spotfire

Our team has the necessary experience to build enterprise-ready solutions. Together with you we will discuss and find the best way for your specific needs.