Statistica™ product variants

Statistica™ is a modular software solution. The basic product "Statistica Desktop" offers the complete spectrum of classical statistical methods, data preparation processes, visualizations and reporting. With various modules you can extend the scope of services – individually adapted to your requirements.

Analytical packages

Statistica Desktop

The basic product offers the complete spectrum of classical statistical methods (up to SPC), data preparation processes, visualizations and reporting. Analyses and data preparation can be structured, automated and reused when using the Statistica project interface. In addition to the extensive import and export options for data and graphics, calculations from R or Python environments can be integrated seamlessly.

Statistica Analyst

The advanced solution for your enterprise environment. This product contains all the features of Statistica Desktop. In addition, it offers special ETL processes (Extract, Transform, Load) to merge different data sources. On account of the builder function, data analyses can be automatically selected according to freely definable business rules, and analysis paths can be branched. 

Statistica Modeler

Your choice for the implementation of predictive analytics and data mining. Compared to Statistica Analyst, Statistica Modeler offers the complete range of algorithms for supervised learning with models and ensembles. Machine learning, neural networks and deep learning are included in this product. The weight-of-evidence module offers additional options for creating meaningful predictive models for the financial market.

Statistica Data Scientist

The complete analytical package for the perfect embedding into your company-wide data analysis environment. Statistica Data Scientist offers you additional connectivity. Marketplaces such as Azure ML, Algorithmia and Apertiva are integrated. Text mining or methods for process optimization expand your analysis possibilities. Model creation for other applications, such as PMML, Teradata, Java, Java MapReduce, C, C ++, C #, stored SQL procedure, SQL user-defined function or even SAS is also part of the package.

Statistica Server

The Statistica Server controls your company-wide data analysis. Among other things, data sources, analysis workspaces and user rights are managed centrally. Create flexibly automated reports as pdf or Word files and send them easily by e-mail to the right places.

Use the Statistica framework company-wide to effectively manage and integrate source code, such as R, Python, C, H2O, and CNTK Deep NN.  A level that is appropriate even for FDA-regulated products.

The clear web front end offers the possibility for external execution and viewing of your analyses and reports. Using the scheduler, these can also be planned precisely and can be executed by the server even in case of large amounts of data. In-database or in-lake processing are also possible. Statistica server is ready for use in cloud environments.

Monitoring and Alerting Server

Monitoring & Alerting Server (MAS) is an optimized multi-CPU server solution that can monitor hundreds of process characteristics simultaneously. In addition to classical quality control charts, freely definable results of complex statistical analyses can be monitored.

Current states of these server tasks are displayed in Statistica in clear dashboards. If border crossings or other alarm events occur, notifications can be sent automatically by e-mail, or any external applications can be executed.

Data Entry Server

The Statistica Data Entry Server allows you to create complex data entry screens and enter data using the web browser. This puts an end to differences and inaccuracies in your Excel data collections.

The proven user administration allows various control mechanisms, such as automatic or manual release and double-blind data entry. After entering the data, the data is available directly in Statistica to be used for reports, visualizations and further analyses. The Data Entry Server can also be used to force the sequential processing of various input masks and to calculate derived fields directly in the mask.

Product Traceability

With the Statistica product traceability module, you can link data of individual process steps with one another over the entire production path in a traceable manner. This allows influences and interactions of individual process steps to be traced back, and you can specifically evaluate and analyse their effects on the final product quality. Statistica assists you in an effective and meaningful way so that engineers can easily access the necessary data and efficiently track the use of materials and batches in the manufacturing process.


Statistica test version

There are several ways to evaluate if Statistica is the right solution for you.

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