TIBCO® Data Science / Statistica™

TIBCO® Data Science / TIBCO Statistica™ enables you to solve analytical challenges and to generate knowledge from your data. 
The software offers a simple user interface combined with strong analytical and automation capabilities.
Due to its ease of use, installation and introduction at our customers and onboarding of new team members are quick and easy.
Statistica can be integrated with many other analytical system, data base systems and external services.

Statistica™ is made for enterprises that want to supply many users with analytical capabilities and results, and also for individual users that work on their own.

It runs in Microsoft Windows machines and can be easily integrated in your existing IT landscape.


Statistica™ is bundled in TIBCO® Data Science as Workbench.



Statistica™ includes basic and advanced statistical methods, data preparation, data visualization and data mining as well as automation capabilities.

  • Simple data import and export
  • Data preparation including ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)
  • Text-Mining
  • Data visualization and report generation
  • Comprehensive statistical capabilities (e.g. statistical tests, non-parametrical methods, ANOVA, regression, SPC)
  • Machine learning incl. artificial neural networks, decision trees, ensemble learners
  • Export of predictive models to various formats incl. PMML, Java, C, C#
  • Unsupervised learning incl. cluster analysis and association rules
  • Weight-of-Evidence-Encoding
  • Integration of R, Python, C#
  • Rules Builder to formulate business rules
  • Process optimization
  • and much more.
  • For more information, please navigate to statistica.com

Projects & Solutions

We assist you from qualification to implementation.

  • Qualification or review
  • End-to-End
  • Documented
  • Repeatable
  • Team-oriented


We educate you and your team.

  • Methodological trainings
  • Software trainings
  • Individual trainings
  • Online, at your training facility or at ours


We introduce the right software tools in your organization.

  • Selection
  • Installation
  • Integration into your environment
  • Customization and extension
  • Support


Good data is the foundation for successful projects.

  • Connection of internal and external data sources
  • Integration and unification
  • Data cleaning
  • Data Preparation and Wrangling
  • Feature Engineering


Through analytics we enrich the data and generate insights.

  • Data visualization
  • Machine Learning & AI
  • Business Rules
  • Manually or automatically


Generation and distribution of results and deployment of applications.

  • Predictions
  • Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Monitoring
  • Automated actions
  • Regularly, in realtime or via WebService
  • On-premise or in the cloud


We customize Statistica™ to fit your specific needs. This can range from single functionalities to complete enterprise workflows.
This wa we can simplify data import, automate processes fully or partially and integrate state-of-the-art analytical methods.
Depending on the requirements, we use a multitude of technologies.

Statistica Automation+

Please visit our innovations page to learn more about some of our customizations.


Usage Scenarios

Experts working in the field want a simple-to-use application to analyze data from the laboratory, market or scientific research, test bench, study or experiment using the right statistical methods and to visualize the results and to put them into reports

→ Desktop

Specialists (data scientists) want to design and set-up analyses. These analyses can include the full spectrum of data acquisition, preparation, statistical analyses, visualization, machine learning, predictive modelling, optimizations and can also include R or Python components.


→ Data Science Author

Many users (citizen data scientists) should be enabled to parameterize and execute analyses and consume the results, with all of this being prepared by some data scientists.


→ Data Science Operations

The IT-department wants to centrally manage a platform to supply data sources, monitoring, analytical functionalities, automation of analyses and reports to many users.


→ Data Science Operations

Companies from specific industries like pharmaceutical, biotech and finance which require certain capabilities like audit trails, approval processes, stages (DTAP), versioning and the ability to build validated processes.

→ Data Science Operations

Statistica Test Version

There are several ways to evaluate if Statistica is the right solution for you.

Please navigate to statistica.com to find out more about the various options to evaluate the software.