TIBCO Data Virtualization

Less complexity and cost, faster access to analytical data.

Integration of Statistica in Spotfire

With TIBCO® Data Virtualization, you can organizeaccess to multiple and different data sources - from big data to real-time.

Data sets and IT-supported data services can be made available for almost any analysis solution.

The virtual views created and available, which do not require replication of the data, can be published via web service or ODBC, so that any application such as TIBCO® Spotfire and Statistica/Data Science can access this data.

Spotfire Integration in Statistica

Use TIBCO® Data Virtualization as a central intermediate layer to complement your analysis and reporting tools with the following benefits:

Time savings: No separate data preparation is required in the various analysis and reporting tools; this is done once in the central intermediate layer.

Cost savings: Virtual views require fewer data marts and therefore fewer hardware resources.

More up-to-date data: With sensitive production databases, your data scientists are no longer restricted to just working on copies/backups. TIBCO Data Virtualization gives your analysts direct access to real-time data from sensitive production databases. The necessary security mechanisms, such as intercepting a query of death, can be configured in the intermediate layer.

Better collaboration: You can structure the virtual views in the Business Directory, which also offers an integrated search function, so that your analysts can independently search for views with specific data columns, comments, etc.