Statistica Process and Measuring Equipment Analysis (SPC)

The aim of this product course is to familiarize students with the tools of the Statistica data analysis package offered in the Process Analysis module. The participants should get an overview of the most important processes of these modules and control the result output with the corresponding dialog interfaces.

Target group:
This course is aimed at specialists in industrial companies who wish to analyse measurement systems and production processes using the Statistica software.

Course contents:
This course introduces the implementation of Statistical Process Control (SPC) procedures with Statistica. The topics:

  • Measuring equipment capability (method 1)
  • Repeatability and reproducibility (methods 2 & 3)
  • Linearity of measuring equipment
  • Suitability of acceptance gauges
  • Suitability of acceptance tests
  • Inter-examiner agreement
  • Downtime analysis
  • Classical process capability analysis
  • Process capability analyses with distribution time models
  • sampling plans

The training consists of a short explanation of the mentioned procedures and the independent training of the course participants in the context of exercises. Examples in our standard courses are generally understandable data sets from different application areas.

This course requires program knowledge from "Statistica Introduction" (STE). To fully benefit from the training, participants should have basic knowledge of statistical process control (SPC).

Supplementary courses:
For participants without sufficient previous knowledge we offer our method course "Fundamentals of Process Statistics" (PST). Statistica Quality Control Charts" (QRK) is suitable as a supplementary product course.

Duration: 2 days Time: 9:30 - 17:00 hrs




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