Big Data Analytics (BDA)*

Training course objectives 

The goal of this method course is a practice-oriented introduction to the topics of big data, data mining and predictive analytics. Our method courses are designed to be software-independent and are also suitable for users who do not work with Statistica.

Target group 

This course addresses professionals in service or industrial companies who want to make their large databases accessible for analysis.

Course contents

The analysis of extremely large amounts of data is not only technically demanding, but is usually associated with methodological difficulties as well. The course gives a practical overview of the big data analytics challenge and explains suitable measures for data preparation and evaluation.

The subjects

  • Overview of big data and big data tools
  • Challenge of big data analytics
  • Appropriate sampling techniques
  • Aggregating and selecting characteristics
  • Use and tuning of high-performance models
  • Achieving valid results

The training is software-independent and designed to be cross-industry. Participants will receive a printed manual with all course slides.


The course is suitable for anyone interested in big data analytics. Apart from a general understanding of figures and data as well as basic statistical knowledge, participants do not need any previous knowledge.


Supplementary courses:
Method courses

product courses

Duration: 1 day         Time: 9:30 - 17:00 h         Price: EUR 800,- (plus VAT) per participant

* Information: This course is a further development of the course "Handling Mass Data" and considers newer techniques of data management and analysis, such as Hadoop, in-memory and in-database processing.


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