Big Data Analytics (BDA)

The analysis of extremely large amounts of data is not only technically demanding, but is usually associated with methodological difficulties as well. This training is a practical introduction to big data, data mining and predictive analytics and explains methods for data preparation and evaluation.
This training addresses partcipants who want to make their large databases accessible for analysis.


  • Overview
    • Big Data, Data Mining & Predictive Analytics
    • Trends
    • Challenges in Big Data Analytics
  • Big Data Preparation
    • Sampling
    • Aggregation and Selection
  • Big Data Analysis
    • Model Selection and Tuning
    • Validation
    • Architecture of Predictive Systems

Our methodological trainings are software-independent and designed to be cross-industry. We value a lively and inspiring atmosphere, hence we present examples from various real-life applications, these might include examples involving software products.
We encourage discussions and value contributions by the participants. Our trainers will consider all participants question and answer them as they see fit during the training.
The particpants receive all the training slides (as PDF) after the training.

5 V's, Batch-Scoring, Big Data, Binning, Data Mining, Data Preparation, Data Reduction, Data Pre-Processing, Edge Analytics, Ensembles, Grid Search, H2O, Hadoop, Hive, Hyper-Parameter Optimization, In-Database, In-Memory, Live-Scoring, Map Reduce, Model Deployment, Model Selection, Model Tuning, Model Validation, NoSQL, Parallel Processing, Parameterization, Predictive Analytics, Prescriptive Analytics, Sampling, SOAP, Spark, Samples, Streaming Data, Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning

The training is suitable for participants interested in big data analytics with basic analytical knowledge.

Duration: 1 Day(s) Price: EUR 800 (plus VAT) per participant

Hamburg: With our training facilities in Hamburg we provide a place to learn successfully in a comfortable environment. Each participant has access to a training PC there.
Online: These trainings offer high flexibility and require no traveling. Each particpant works on his own PC. We recommend the use of two monitors.
At your site: We conduct the trainings at your site for you and your colleagues.
We offer all our trainings in the languages English and German.

Please contact us!
Do you have and questions regarding the topics, the conditions or do you need a individually tailored training? Please contact us and talk directly with the involved trainers. We can surely help you!


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