Efficient Data Management in Statistica and Data Mining (EDM)

Training course objectives 

The goal of this method course is the practice-oriented teaching of basic knowledge in data cleansing and preparation. Our method courses are designed to be software-independent and are also suitable for users who do not work with Statistica.

Target group

This course is aimed at specialists in service or industrial companies who wish to carry out their analyses with a high-quality data basis.

Course contents

A well-known rule of thumb in analysis business is: About 80 per cent of the work lies in data cleansing and preparation. From many years of experience with customer projects, StatSoft knows the typical hurdles that have to be overcome for a successful analysis. The course gives a practical overview of the important steps in data management.

The subjects

  • Typical errors in data
  • Missing data and outliers
  • Distribution testing and transforming
  • Relevant influencing variables
  • Optimal random samples
  • Data understanding by means of graphics

The training is software-independent, cross-industry and practice-oriented. Participants will receive a printed manual with all course slides.


The course is suitable for everyone interested in data management. Apart from a general understanding of figures and data as well as basic statistical knowledge, participants do not need any previous knowledge.

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