Data Mining in Statistica (SDM)

Training course objectives 

The aim of this product course is a quick introduction to the range of functions of the Statistica Data Miner. The participants receive an overview of the most important procedures and learn to carry out analyses menu-driven as well as by means of a graphical project interface.

Target group

This course addresses project managers and qualified specialists in service or industrial companies who want to evaluate large databases or heterogeneous data sources by means of modern data mining techniques. The course is ideally suited as an accompaniment to an evaluation using the Statistica Data Miner.

Course contents 

The course provides an insight into the analysis procedures of the Statistica Data Miner and their possible applications within the framework of forecasting models.

The subjects

  • Architecture and properties of Statistica Data Miner
  • Access to databases and pre-processing of data
  • Process examples (EM clustering, C&RT/CHAID, MAR splines)
  • Automatic model selection with ranking according to prediction quality
  • Application of forecast models (deployment, PMML scripts)

The training course consists of a short explanation of the mentioned procedures and the independent familiarization of the training participants within the scope of exercises. Generally understandable data sets from various application areas are used as examples.


In order to benefit fully from the training, participants should have methodological knowledge of multivariate statistics. A detailed explanation of the statistical methods mentioned in each case is not provided within the framework of a standard course.

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Dauer: 2 days           Time: 9:30 - 17:00 h           Price: EUR 1.600,- (plus VAT) per participant


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