Introduction to Statistica (STE)

Training course objectives

The aim of this product course is to work with Statistica efficiently. The course participants receive a systematic introduction to the various possibilities of the data analysis software. The course has to considered the recommended basis for all advanced Statistica product courses.

Target group

This course addresses anyone who wants to learn the operating options of the Statistica software or refresh and deepen their software knowledge.

Course contents

A systematic insight into the possibilities and operation of the software is provided. The course also introduces the use of the modern Statistica project interface (workspace), which is available from version 13 for all Statistica licenses as a user interface.

The subjects

  • Fundamentals of Statistica 
  • Analysis dialogues and project interfaces
  • MS Office integration
  • Data import and output options for results
  • Introduction to data management
  • Standard graphics (histogram, line plot, scatter plot and box whisker plot)
  • Editing graphics and graphic Data update
  • Descriptive statistical characteristics and frequency tables

This training consists of an explanation of the topics with an introduction to the corresponding dialogues and buttons of Statistica as well as a deepening of the treated contents by means of exercises. Examples in our standard courses are generally understandable data sets from different application areas.


To take full advantage of the training, participants should be familiar with the graphical user interface of the Windows operating system and have basic statistical knowledge.

Supplementary courses:
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Duration: 2 days            Time: 9:30 - 17:00 h            Price: EUR 1.040,- (plus VAT) per participant


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