Statistica Decision Trees (TRE)

Training course objectives

Decision trees are robust, fast and easy to understand. This course is practical training dealing with the methodology of decision trees and their operation in the software Statistica Data Miner.

Target group

This course addresses project managers and qualified specialists from the commercial sector (marketing, sales, controlling, &c.) who wish to use their data stocks in a targeted manner using the established decision tree method.

Course contents

The course comprehensively imparts the methodology of tree-based procedures in Statistica Data Miner. The functionalities of the procedures are described and the parameters and their effects are explained. This training complements the course "Statistica Data Miner Quickstart (SDM)”.

The subjects

  • Fundamentals of decision trees: Division rules, pruning, analysis
  • CART
  • Random forest
  • Boosted trees

The training consists of lectures and the independent work of the participants at the PC in the form of exercises. Generally understandable data sets from different application areas are used as examples.


This course requires program knowledge provided in the course "Statistica Data Miner Quickstart (SDM)”.

This course requires knowledge of the program "Statistica Data Miner Quickstart" (SDM).  vorausgesetzt.

Duration: 1 day              Time: 9:30 - 17:00 h            Price: EUR 800,- (plus VAT) per participant


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