Statistica Enterprise Manager (ENT)

Training course objectives

The aim of this product course is the familiarization with the enterprise manager configuration interface of Statistica's Enterprise solution. The participants will receive an introduction to the back-end user interface and the various configuration options.

Target group

This course addresses IT-savvy employees of the specialist departments who are to take over the support (or part of the support) and administration of the enterprise database.

Course contents

The Statistica Enterprise Manager is used to configure and maintain the Statistica Enterprise environment. A systematic insight into the basic configuration possibilities of Statistica Enterprise is given.

The subjects

  • User administration and system view
  • Creating database links
  • Creating database configurations
  • Creating different analysis configurations
  • General system options
  • Enterprise reporting
  • Optional: Creating MAS dashboards
  • Optional: Server technologies

This training consists of an explanation of the mentioned topics and the familiarization of the training participants within the framework of jointly created examples.


This course requires program knowledge obtained in the  "Statistica Introduction (STE)” course. In order to fully benefit from the training, participants should have basic knowledge of user rights concepts and databases. A detailed explanation of these topics is not intended in this standard course.

Supplementary courses:
Product course

Duration: 1 day              Time: 9:30 - 17:00 h            Price: EUR 800,- (plus VAT) per participant


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