• Use Case: Continuous Process Verification (CPV) digitalized in Pharma/Biotech

    Automation of CPV and Validated Reporting at an international Key-Player in Pharma/Biotech 

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  • No-Code / Low-Code Solutions for the Life Science Industry by StatSoft Europe

    Data Visualisation, Data Science as a Process and Validated Reporting.

  • Case Study: Digitizing successfully –
    with StatSoft and Standard-Software

    Case Study with CSL Behring

  • No-Code / Low-Code Software as Unified Data Science Platform

    Use Case

  • Data Innovation in Life Science Manufacturing

    Article of CTE and StatSoft

Are you using the full potential of your data?

It is commonly understood, that leveraging data will bring huge financial and operational benefits.​

Still, most initiatives do not bring the expected value or never leave the pilot phase.​

Properly used and well designed, data helps to gain sustainable competitive advantage.​

The hardest part is getting started - and sticking with it! That's what we are here for. ​

What do we offer you?                                               

Data Engineering, Data Science, Machine Learning and AI offer countless solutions for your individual use cases:

  • Data collection and harmonization

  • Data visualization and dashboards/reporting

  • Simulation and monitoring of processes

  • Recommendations for action and predictions

  • Risk identification and process optimization

That sounds complicated and means high individual development effort?

No. With No-Code / Low-Code solutions, you can quickly achieve custom-fit and flexible solutions for your use case!

Why us?

  • We know how to evaluate complex data landscapes quickly and efficiently.​

  • We know how to connect, unify, virtualize, analyse, visualize and predict data.​

  • More than 30 years of experience in data science leave their mark. We guide you.

Industries & Solutions

Pharma / Life-Science

Validated Reporting - Shelf Life Estimation - Trending


Quality Control and Process Optimization - Six Sigma - Predictive Maintenance

Health economics

Risk Mitigation - Patient Management - Fraud detection

Finance / Insurance

 Credit Scoring - Churn Analysis - Fraud detection

Marketing / Market research

Multivariate Driver Analysis - Missing Data Handling - Customer Insights - Sentiment Analysis

Education / Science

Big Data - Open Source - Text Mining