• TIBCO-Solution for the Life Science Industry by StatSoft Europe

    Data Visualisation, Data Science as a Process and Validated Reporting.

  • Case Study: Digitizing successfully –
    with StatSoft and TIBCO Statistica™ Enterprise

    Case Study

  • TIBCO Statistica™ as Unified Data Science Platform

    Use Case

  • Data Innovation in Life Science Manufacturing

    Article of CTE and StatSoft

StatSoft is a specialized consultancy and solutions provider in the field of data science, advanced analytics,
machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI).

We assist our customers with the identification, the planning, and the execution of projects, the implementation of analytics-solutions including
education of their teams. 

With this 360°-service we generate enduring competitive advantages, value, and knowledge through analytics.

Industries & Solutions

Pharma / Life-Science

Validated Reporting - Shelf Life Estimation - Trending


Quality Control and Process Optimization - Six Sigma - Predictive Maintenance

Health economics

Risk Mitigation - Patient Management - Fraud detection

Finance / Insurance

 Credit Scoring - Churn Analysis - Fraud detection

Marketing / Market research

Multivariate Driver Analysis - Missing Data Handling - Customer Insights - Sentiment Analysis

Education / Science

Big Data - Open Source - Text Mining