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Efficiency Unleashed: Leveraging Alteryx ML to Drive Energy Reduction in Manufacturing

In today’s data-dri­­ven land­scape, manu­fac­tu­r­ers thri­ve on under­stan­ding and lever­aging data to its ful­lest poten­ti­al. Howe­ver, navi­ga­ting the com­ple­xi­ties of data ana­ly­tics can be daun­ting. Fear not! Empower yours­elf with the right tools for data inges­ti­on, pre­pa­ra­ti­on and pre­dic­tion – and dis­co­ver the poten­ti­al of your manu­fac­tu­ring data. 🗓️ Date: 28. May 2024 🕑 Time: […]


Statistica as an Alternative to Minitab 

This artic­le has been writ­ten by our valued part­ner Lui­gi Rog­gia of App­ly Sci­ence ( Lui­gi is an expert in the field of appli­ed sta­tis­tics and the cor­re­spon­ding soft­ware tools. It is a gre­at honor to have him share his insights in our blog.  Dis­co­ver why Sta­tis­ti­ca is a valid Mini­t­ab repla­ce­ment I’ve been a Mini­t­ab […]

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Transparency is King: Developing end-to-end traceability of donations  

Indus­try: NGO / Non-pro­­fit orga­ni­sa­ti­ons / Fund­rai­sing  Topic: Tracea­bi­li­ty of dona­ti­ons   Tools: Stat­Soft open source deve­lo­p­ment with, among others, Python (Djan­go), Post­greS­QL, Docker, git   Why Adve­ni­at needs to ensu­re end-to-end tracea­bi­li­ty of dona­ti­ons  Crea­ting trans­pa­ren­cy in dif­fe­rent con­texts is a topic that is dri­ving data-based solu­ti­ons enorm­ously. Whe­re­as a few years ago it was main­ly trans­port and logi­stics […]

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How to Leverage the Power of Alteryx Designer for Pharmaceutical Use Cases

How to Leverage the Power of Alteryx Designer for Pharmaceutical Use Cases 

Alte­ryx Desi­gner for Phar­maceu­ti­cal Use Cases Alte­ryx Desi­gner is a powerful tool sui­ted for many dif­fe­rent chal­lenges in the domain of data sci­ence. It deli­vers strong capa­bi­li­ties for data inges­ti­on, pre­pa­ra­ti­on (or wrang­ling), get­ting insights and dis­tri­bu­ting (or export­ing) them to the right places. All of this is not only available ad-hoc but can also be […]

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Data Analysis in the Financial Sector: Credendo’s Journey to Digital Excellence with TIBCO Statistica™ 

The digi­tal revo­lu­ti­on has fun­da­men­tal­ly chan­ged how busi­nesses ope­ra­te and make decis­i­ons. In the high­ly regu­la­ted finan­cial sec­tor, effec­ti­ve data uti­liza­ti­on is key to stay­ing com­pe­ti­ti­ve. Cre­den­do, a lea­ding Euro­pean cre­dit insurer, is a prime exam­p­le of this. Col­la­bo­ra­ting with Stat­Soft and by imple­men­ting TIBCO Sta­tis­ti­ca™, Cre­den­do has ele­va­ted its data ana­ly­sis and report­ing capa­bi­li­ties […]