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Meet the team: Dr. Anja Moldenhauer

“What I like about our team is that tog­e­ther we achie­ve more than the sum of our parts. The col­le­agues are hel­pful, humo­rous and crea­ti­ve.” This is Dr. Anja I. S. Moldenhauer’s ans­wer to the ques­ti­on about the things she app­re­cia­tes at Stat­Soft. We are very hap­py about this com­pli­ment - and about how you […]


StatSoft wishes you a Merry Christmas

The year 2022 has shown in a spe­cial way that demo­cra­tic values, cohe­si­on and soli­da­ri­ty are inva­luable. Stan­ding tall tog­e­ther, wal­king tog­e­ther to win tog­e­ther from and with chan­ge. Doing the right thing, some­ti­mes lea­ving com­fort zones, not taking any­thing for gran­ted. Being able to look in the mir­ror and draw satis­fac­tion from what has […]

Intern People

Meet the team: Simon Kamprath

Only with a strong team that is the­re for each other and com­mit­ted to its cus­to­mers can you achie­ve extra­or­di­na­ry things. Simon Kam­prath, Seni­or Data Engi­neer, has been with Stat­Soft for almost 6 years and con­stant­ly advan­ces our team as well as our cus­to­mers with his exper­ti­se and enjoy­ment of new topics. We asked him […]

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Together ever stronger

Cross-bor­­der and cross-com­­pa­­ny com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on, plan­ning and coope­ra­ti­on - we at Stat­Soft GmbH, tog­e­ther with Stat­Soft Pol­ska, attach gre­at importance to the­se topics and live them. Our visit of seve­ral days to our estee­med col­le­agues from Stat­Soft Pol­ska in #Kra­kow has once again shown that the bund­led com­pe­tence of experts has an und­­reamt-of impact. Once again, […]

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